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Some might say that Summer is the “Season of Love” because we attend parties, BBQs, and allow ourselves to be more open when meeting new people and potential matches. Winter, on the other hand, is known as “Cuffing Season,” which is prime time for your usual promiscuous and single life-loving suspects to suddenly find themselves coupling off to combat the cold and loneliness, and then “uncuffing” in the Spring to go back to playing the field. While all seasons may certainly give you the opportunity to meet your forever lover, their frivolous nature does not create a foundation for lasting love. That makes Fall the true “Season to Fall in Love.”

Fall is the time of year in which people are settling down from the summer, getting back into their routines, and focusing in on their wants and needs. Its serious nature is part of what makes Fall the perfect time for love!

Facebook Data Science released a study in 2012, which calculated seasonal patterns of relationship status in Facebook profiles. Data was collected from males and females and partitioned into three categories—under 25 years old, between 25 and 44, and 45 and over. The fall months displayed consistent high rates of status changes to “In A Relationship” and “Engaged.”

Everything about Fall encourages romanticism and love. The brisk air and stunning autumn colors make for a romantic stroll outside and stimulating conversation to get to know your partner on a deep level. Walking side by side or performing outside activities allows one to feel more relaxed and open to talking about their feelings honestly, as opposed to sitting face to face on a formal date.

Studies show activities that trigger pleasant childhood memories also promotes heightened attractiveness and affection to the person associated with these activities. In other words, we are more likely to fall in love with someone that reminds us of a happy time in our childhood, even if we haven’t known them for a very long time. As fall is the most popular time for outdoor activities, such as going to the pumpkin patch, strolling through the park, collecting seashells on the beach and having a bonfire (if you’re from LA, like me), many of us associate this time of year in particular with many childhood reminiscences.

So what are you waiting for? Love is literally right here, right now, all around you. If your heart is set on finding the One this year, start now.

Not sure how to get started? Try these out:

  1. Date online: Daters are more responsive now. Need help with your dating profile. You can get it here.
  2. Join a meetup for singles
  3. Join a new gym or try a new group class: Don’t wait for New years when everyone has low self-esteem and focused on getting back their “summer bod.” The time is now!

And try these date Ideas!

  1. Pumpkin patch/Pumpkin Carving
  2. Apple picking
  3. Hayrides
  4. Corn mazes
  5. Football games
  6. Halloween Horror Nights
  7. Take your date to a movie in the park: Great for people watching, cuddling, and chances are it’s a fun RomCom or Scary Movie from when you were a kid!
  8. Bake a pie, brew some cider, or make a fall meal together: Dating doesn’t have to be super expensive. Make a yummy meal, mess it up, make it your own, and have some fun! Oh, and again, another little reminder of maybe a childhood delicacy!
  9. Keep it simple with some “Netflix and Chill!”: Make it themed with a Harry Potter Series, or 90’s—whatever floats your boat!
  10. Go camping and light a bonfire: There is nothing like cozying up in nature!