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Adios A**holes Assessment

Are You Tired of Dating One A**hole After the Next?

Maybe you’ve been so let down by men that you’ve thrown yourself into your work to pass the time…

Maybe you’ve come home to an empty house and cried…

Maybe you’ve been on one too many dates with the guy that’s either way beneath your standards, or so high that you felt you had to undermine your own success in hopes that he would stick around…

If this sounds like you, it’s time to take the Adios A**holes Assessment, and understand exactly why:

You keep being ghosted by men that you thought you had a really strong connection with.

You look yourself in the mirror wishing you had a super model body to attract quality men.

You have a better sex life with your pleasure chest than an actual man.

You are destined to date the same kind of schmuck over and over again.

I’m not your mom, best friend, or hairstylist. I’m not going to tell you that you need to lower your standards or lose a few pounds to find someone. What I am going to do is get inside your head and tell you what is actually going on with your love life. But most importantly, I’ll tell you how you can start to upgrade it.

By taking this assessment you will know:

Why you feel the need to lie about your age on your online dating profile in hopes that you’ll attract quality men.

Why after scheduling a date with someone seemingly okay, you quickly find reasons to cancel and run the other way. 

Why it always seems like the good men are either gay or taken

Why you—the successful, strong, vibrant, amazing woman—are spending yet another year single.

Why you can’t seem to bring yourself to say no (When you know he’s not the right guy for you!)

The first step to setting yourself apart as a woman who is desirable to great men.

A way to immediately boost your energy so you don’t feel discouraged or exhausted by constantly searching for love

Plus tons of other insight based on your individual results!

This is the first step to making something happen in your love life so that you can ultimately head down the path to your amazing life with your Mr. Right. But we can’t get you to that place until we get rid of the stuff that is keeping you stuck (or heading the other way with those a**holes!).

How Does It Work?

The Adios A**holes Assessment is a 20 minute personality review (including a detailed report) + a 45 minute debrief with me. At the end you’ll know exactly what has been going wrong, how to find guys you won’t hate, and the key ingredient to getting a second date.

Here’s what a other women who have taken the assessment have said:

I did Jenna’s Adios package and I have absolutely ZERO regrets. She asked me questions that made me shift my perspective and really have a better understanding as to what it is I’m looking for. I left our meeting feeling so much more empowered, confident and sure of my wants and needs. I can’t thank her enough for the continuous support and for being incredibly knowledgeable. She has given me great advice that hasn’t steered me wrong and has only made me feel even more confident as I continue this journey.

Andrea C.

When I first got my results, I felt a little overwhelmed (mostly because I wasn’t sure what I was looking at). But Jenna was incredibly detailed in the debrief of the assessment. She answered all of my questions, and was spot on!

Ashley A.

Before taking this assessment, I though I just had horrible luck at finding descent men. Jenna helped me to understand that it really had nothing to do with luck! Within a few minutes of working with her I became crystal clear of how my mind worked when it came to dating. She gave me exactly the tools I needed to break the old habits, and start developing a new mindset that got me exactly to where I wanted to be! Jenna, you’re the best!

Lisa H.

I’ve read all the self-help books you can think of when it comes to love. I had more answers in one hour of working with Jenna than I have reading any of those books. Hands down, the most powerful assessment I’ve ever experienced!

Cindy M.

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