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The True Love Experience

Time to find the love of your life with The True Love Experience

Love starts with you. Before you can enjoy the love of another person you have to love yourself, inside and out, and you have to create opportunities for someone great to find you. Therefore, I’ve designed this program based on 3 principles:

Listen to your head and heart

Even though we are brilliant and well rounded in many aspects of our lives, we often find it difficult to find the balance when it comes to love.

We either make choices based in logic, or lead with our hearts, which often result in regrettable decisions.

By learning to listen to both your head and heart, you will make conscious-based choices leading you down the path to true love.

Compassion is the Key to Connection

Our troubles in relationships are merely a reflection of the internal relationship we have with ourselves. Have compassion for yourself.

When you create a more loving relationship with yourself, the world around you will change accordingly, and you will find deep, passionate love with men. And with that being said, men are people too, so show compassion for them as well. They have feelings just like us, they’ve been hurt just like us, and they too want to find love.

Owning Your Actions and Outcomes

We often have expectations that go unmet because we do not perceive ourselves as being in control of fulfilling our own dreams and desires. The fact of the matter is that you are the only one standing in your own way (Let’s be real. We really can’t use the excuse that men are assholes forever, or else we’d never be able to find a solution!).

By taking ownership of your choices, you open yourself to an infinite amount of possibilities to finding love and the life you desire and deserve.

The True Love Experience is completed in five phases


Phase 1—Looking for Love? Look in the Mirror

Love starts with you. Before you can enjoy the love of another person you have to love yourself, inside and out. Being a powerful woman is something you’ve struggled with because while you’ve gotten all you ever wanted in your professional life, you aren’t even close to what you want in your love life. Through all of your efforts to find love, you can’t help but wonder, “Am I enough?”

In this phase, you will discover the true value of you. You will get in touch with your femininity. We will work deeply to find what turns you on about you and what sets you apart as a woman who is desirable to great men.


Phase 2—I’ve Got the Goods, So Where’s My Man?

We’re going to confront your fears head on and approach the elephant in the room. Do men want younger women? Are men intimidated by your success? Or is it simply a story you’ve been telling yourself to explain why you’re still single?

Maybe you’re afraid to be alone. Or maybe you’ve embraced your independence, but you’re afraid that finding a man means everything you’ve worked so hard for will be taken away or made inferior to your partnership. Together, we’re going to disprove the fallacies so that you can stop working to the bone for the sake of not having to come home to CNN and a glass of pinot, party for one. We’ll look at your dating history to uncover the conscious and sub-conscious patterns that led you to where you are. We’ll then re-wire your mindset to attract men that are deserving of your affections, and eventually, meet your one and only.

Phase 3—Who is Your Mr. Right?

After stripping away all beliefs that have not served you, we’ll look at what it means for you to have a life partner. We will get crystal clear on what kind of woman you want to be when you are in your ideal relationship and help you uncover what kind of men support you to be the remarkable woman you were always meant to be. No more belittling your success to try to keep a man interested. You will present yourself fiercely, proudly, and without hesitation, because you know, deep down, your man is out there and will only show up when you have shown up for yourself. And when he does, not only will you both be living your lives—you’ll be sharing them. Retaining your individualism while in partnership and love.

Phase 4—Let’s Get Dating!

You’ve done the hard work, so now it’s time to put it to good use. We’re going to get you set up on your online profile (if it’s your thing) and out into the world of dating. We will work together on how to present yourself to the world so that you feel luxurious and powerful—adored by great men and making real, deep connections with whomever you desire. Things will get a little hot and steamy, as we are also going to explore your sexuality—how and when to tap into it, and how to utilize it to build intimacy and a strong foundation.


Phase 5—Ready For the True Love Experience!

We have the foundation laid out for you to attract great men. Now it’s time to learn how to hook them and wheel them in for the long haul. Here, I’ll teach you the nuts and bolts of how to establish connection with your ideal partner, and how to nurture the relationship moving forward so that it feels effortless and fulfilled. You will be given tools guaranteed to create instant connection after just one date and how to continue to build off that connection so that you feel independent and respected, cherished and supported, to ultimately have a truly thriving and lasting relationship.


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Here’s what other women are saying about The True Love experience:

Jenna has the empathy plus intelligence required to successfully help navigate her clients through their journeys of self-love and finding fulfillment in their lives.

Having a coach on your side as you transition from one chapter to the next is an act of self-love and I’m so thankful Jenna offers her services to do just that!

Heather R

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