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Confession– I wish I could live my life like a dog. Yeah, I said it… Live…like…a…dog.  Now, before you wave the “wu-wu flag” at me, hear me out.
My pup, Sasha, lives her life exactly how she wants to. When she wants to give me love, she gives it unconditionally; she expresses herself whenever she feels the need, when she’s not into something she’ll tell me, but when something excites her, she embraces it without hesitation. Think about it.

What would life be like if we could

walk the talk of our Truth all the time? 

What if we could meet someone, go on a date, and express ourselves without walking on eggshells, worrying about scaring them off, or worse, receiving false validation that we are not good enough to attract someone great? Guess what? We can! We can do exactly that. Live our purpose, love the way we want to love—without limit, without conditions, without rules—we can do anything we want… if we choose to.

Now, I am well aware that this is not something you can implement so simply– we can’t just read this article, snap our fingers, and magically be fully self-aware, deep in consciousness, and transformed. We have spent millennia conditioning our minds to tell us that as women we must be obedient, not to rock the boat, don’t complain because that makes you seem like a needy bitch. And let’s not forget,  be “lady-like.”

Awareness. Awareness is the key to all that lays ahead. Am I doing this because it is what I truly want, or am I doing this because it’ll get so-and-so’s stamp of approval? Does this choice allow me to thrive, or will I feel as if I’ve had something taken away from me after I’ve done it?

Is what I’m doing aligned with who I am at my core?

Will it bring me to how I want to feel in this moment?

Work that muscle of awareness, because the more you do it, the more often you’ll make choices you actually want to be making. And when you make choices you want to be making, you attract the partner that is in total alignment with the real you.

I spent years of my life going from one failed relationship to the next, constantly thinking about how I would never be in a relationship that made me truly, 100% happy. I used to secretly convince myself that if I just married someone that could afford to take us on vacation two times a years I could live ignorantly in bliss. But the more I developed my awareness about how I was feeling and the actions I was taking, I realized that I was the one self-sabotaging all my opportunities for finding love and true happiness. I spent 99.9% in reaction mode rather than listening to my partner, registering how I feel about it and why, and making conscious choices for my highest good based on that awareness.

Once I made the choice to honor myself and the values I hold, everything changed.

I began to actually have fun on dates. If it didn’t work out between myself and the other person, I wasn’t that upset about it. No joke, I never looked sexier! The confidence and passion I carried for myself was so strong, it literally shows, and it is bad…ass! In truth, I have never been happier and more in love, and I credit it all to my furry K-9 for the inspiration!

Make the choices for what you want. Live to your values, not to somebody else’s. Honor the things that you want because it’s your life, and you deserve to live it as you desire.