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While all of us have certainly been effected by the current COVID-19 pandemic in some shape or form, I’ve heard many come forth with the same concern– how do I protect and take care of my loved ones? Our driver to stay healthy is certainly so that we remain okay, but the thought of effecting others has caused an even larger uproar of panic. As your friendly neighborhood relationship coach, I am here to offer you some insight on how to address this situation to mentally and emotionally cope. 

Maintaining calm and collectiveness is key in times like this, and to do that we must create a calm and collected environment as best as possible. Here are my recommendations on how to do so:


  1. Refer to trusted, evidence-based sources to be grounded in the facts, and for guidance on preventative measures. Popular choices include The Centers for Disease Control of the World Health Organization. It is also worth noting that, dispite this virus being transmissible, viruses like the flu have had a far greater effect every year. There are also other viruses that we have faced in the past that were much worse, like SARS— and yet we are all just fine. COVID-19 is giving us the reminder that we must proceed with caution, but we CAN and WILL get through it.
  2. Lessen frequency or use of social media, health news, or areas that may be further inducing anxiety, if the news is not conducive to additional resourcefulness.
  3. Take reasonable precautions to protect yourselves. Reasonable can mean something different for everyone, so define clearly what that is for you. To start, refer to the guidelines offered by trusted sources. 
  4. Once you have addressed the above notes, I invite you to explore any pattern of thinking that may be triggering your anxiety or emotions– are they coming up solely from this event, or do we have a tendency to draw similar conclusions as a pattern of behavior? If it is a pattern, how did we overcome them in the past, and how can we apply that now?


All in all, we can recognize that this is a scary situation. None of us know what will happen– as is the case in our normal day-to-day lives. I invite you to recognize that you are doing the best you can, and this is temporary. Take precaution, support one another, and remember that in this moment, we are still living, still loving one another, and we are in this together.