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Hey Love Seekers,

When I used to hang with my girlfriends and have our go-to “when are we gonna meet a good man” conversation, I used to always say, “I just want a man that’s smart, good-looking, has a good job, a good sense of humor, and knows how to cook” (because all I could do is burn microwaveable popcorn at the time). Those things all seem simple enough and totally normal to want, right? But here’s the thing, while desiring those qualities in a partner is just fine, I wasn’t truly connected to why I desired them.


Why were those qualities so important to me?
How would I feel if I had a man with those qualities?
How would I respond to him? How would he respond to me?
How would we handle conflict with one another?

These were all things I hadn’t considered, and so even when I was going out with men that had all the marks on my checklist, still, I was not happy. Still, the relationship did not work out.So I scrapped the list and started from scratch. This time, I told myself to focus on how I wanted to feel in the relationship, and then see what comes from that. You see, the key to creating a powerful, enriching, forever kind of relationship with a Mr. Amazing is to find someone who is high-vibing. And to attract someone high-vibing, you have to be high-vibing as well.

So what the hell does that mean? To keep it short and simple, that means your mindset resonates mostly from a place of opportunity, non-judgment (for yourself and others), self-love, openness, and more. We call this anabolic energy.

When you can truly walk the talk of this energy, only then does your true ideal partner come into your line of sight. Only then, can you see the opportunities with anyone that comes your way, and only then can you truly be in control of your love life and all it has to offer.

I know, for some, this can sound a little daunting. Maybe you feel like you’ve fallen so far down the rabbit hole that you don’t know how to get to that place of self-love and acceptance. Maybe some things are just too painful to work through and you’re just not ready. Or maybe you actually feel like you’re already there, and this kind of feels like a waste because you still have not found The One.I see you, and I applaud you for your resilience to build the life you desire and deserve. Trust that you are capable of having that happily ever after and that it will come.

Time…clarity… awareness…challenge…break through the fear…openness to possibility.

This is your process. This is your journey. Stay on the path, and he will be waiting at the finish line. Forever in your corner,