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Hey Girl,

You know that feeling after incredible sex, where your body just melts into total relaxation, and yet you’ve never felt more alive? Have you ever wished that you could just feel that way all the time (Maybe minus the constant orgasm since that could be a bit distracting!?)?Well, you can. It’s called living through the lens of sensuality. First, lets be perfectly clear: sensuality is NOT the same thing as sexuality. It’s not our guide to superpower of seduction.

Sensuality is our direct line to our Goddess energy.
It is a way of becoming fully present in our bodies and fully alive in this very moment.

Sensuality is a way of life, and when we can tap into that, that is when we are at our absolute best. That is when we are our purest, our most authentic, and most fulfilled.

When I was living the single life, I told myself I was living my best life. I’d go out, be social and meet lots of guys. I thought I had it all figured out because I knew how to walk each day without getting hurt or diminished, and I felt great! But the truth is, I only learned how to make an iron-clad wall between my heart and the real world. The second I allowed myself to open up to a man, the desperation came at full-force. I immediately connected my feelings of happiness with the outcome of that relationship, which of course had to play out exactly how I imagined it should in my head. Every choice I made was a strategy I had constructed in my mind and never from my heart. Needless to say that time and time again I set myself up for disappointment. (So much for feeling orgasmic every day!)

One day I was sitting in this little Irish coffee house seamlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed when all of a sudden the song that was playing through their sound system caught my attention. It was Carlos Santana’s hit, Smooth. I’ve heard this song millions of times, and yet, for some reason, I my ears were glued to it. Maybe it was just because there was a Latin-fusion song playing in an Irish coffee house, but whatever the reason, I found myself not just listening to the song, but listening to the guitar strings. The composition, the vibrato, how it complimented the raspiness of the singer’s voice. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing up as I closed my eyes and began to softly sway to the beat of the song. When I opened my eyes, I saw a young girl laughing as she was standing on her fathers feet while he walked, which made me laugh with her…. Epiphany!!

By paying attention to the finite details of the things happening around me and within in, I was able to feel what it was my body and spirit are drawn to. A.k.a:

I connected to something that made me feel incredible.

Living through sensuality creates immense clarity. And when you have clarity, you are able to make the choices that align to what you desire.

Now I live to breathe, now I live to eat delicious lobster risotto, now I live to feel tenderness, now I live for the relationship I want, now I live for me.

Also, added bonus, sex really does become mind-blowing when you’re tapped into your sensuality…. just sayin’.

If you are curious as to how you can actually tap into your sensuality and how to come alive each and every day (and even how to perk up the sex life), schedule a Love Life Clarity Call with me to get crystal clear on how you can get the upgrade on your life you’re looking for. Totally free, no strings attached. Sign up here.